Intermediate DSLR Lesson Contents

Lesson One: How to "See" Light

  • The Quality of Light
  • Hard Light
  • Soft Light
  • Direction of Light
  • Color of Light
  • How Your Camera "Sees" Light
  • Limited Dynamic Range
  • How to Measure Dynamic Range

Lesson Two: Natural Light Photography

  • Types of Natural Light
  • Full Sun
  • Partly Cloudy
  • Somewhat Overcast
  • Overcast
  • Modifying Natural Light
  • Landscapes
  • Diffusion
  • Reflection

Lesson Three: Introduction to Flash

  • Guide Numbers
  • Power Levels
  • Recycle Time
  • Swivel and Bounce
  • Zoom
  • Wireless
  • Manual Flash Exposure
  • Flash Exposure Compensation
  • Shutter Speed and Flash
  • Sync Speed

Lesson Four: Lighting With Flash

  • Built-in Flash
  • Modifying Built-in Flash
  • External Flash
  • Modifying External Flash
  • Off-camera Flash
  • Modifying Off-camera Flash

Lesson Five: Blending Natural Light and Flash

  • Using the Sun as Light Source
  • Fill Flash
  • Balancing Flash and Ambient Light
  • Overpowering Ambient Light
  • Faking Sunlight
  • Faking Overcast Light
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