Digital SLR Camera Dealers

Ready to buy your SLR? Time to find some digital SLR camera dealers.

You'll find that the companies that I have listed on this page are mostly Internet retailers. Why?

I typically buy all of my camera equipment online.

While the customer service angle leaves a lot to be desired, I do find that the prices are better.

If the camera falls apart in a couple of months I have to deal with an online entity rather than a human in a brick and mortar store, but to date I've never had a camera fall apart.

Yes, I do keep my fingers crossed.

U.S. SLR Dealers

I have done business with all of the digital SLR camera dealers that I have listed below, which is why I feel comfortable recommending them to you.

Prices are low, shipping is fast (and sometimes free) and these dealers are often recommended by others who dwell in the world of digital SLR cameras.


Adorama is the place to go for anything and everything photographic.

The whole purpose of this company is to carry a huge assortment of cameras and accessories. I am convinced that they stock every lens ever made by every manufacturer.

I use them primarily when I need a piece of uncommon or specialized photographic equipment.

While you can find plenty of other digital SLR camera dealers who offer the cameras and the kit lenses, it's significantly harder to find a white-gold reflector with a bracket and stand.

Adorama carries these sorts of supplies and they are always in stock, which means that you don't have to wait 4 weeks for your package to arrive.

Ah yes, the Internet retail juggernaut.

Why would I mention a place like Amazon which sells everything under the sun instead of more specialized digital SLR camera dealers who specialize in digital SLR cameras?

The real benefit of going to Amazon first is that you can compare the prices from multiple retailers along with Amazon's price to find the best deal.

Amazon's shipping is also hard to beat - always free over $25 (and every digital SLR is WAY over $25).

On other web sites you might find the camera for a cheaper price but then you get dinged with a huge shipping cost. Factor in the free shipping when you're comparing digital SLR prices.

UK SLR Dealers

I'm less familiar with the UK market, but can provide information about two online locations where you can buy digital SLR cameras.

If you have done business with others and are satisfied with the product and service you received, contact me and I can add a link to this list.

Amazon UK

Like the U.S. Amazon, this is a good place to comparison shop and get an idea of how much these cameras cost.

Once you have a good idea of how much a digital SLR camera costs, you can comparison shop online and off with a specific budget for your new camera purchase.


Cameras2u is a dedicated online retailer of film and digital camera equipment. They appear to be the Adorama for the UK.

They offer a fourteen day money-back guarantee and a twelve month manufacturer warranty.

All of their stock is genuine UK and includes all of the English documentation.

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