The Lowest Price Canon Digital SLR

And the lowest price Canon digital SLR camera is...

The Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel.

The 300D was the first digital SLR camera to be sold for under $1,000. This was a major breakthrough in the digital SLR camera marketplace.

It's no suprise that this camera sold much more than the competition due to its lower price.

This table shows the price of the 300D compared to other Canon digital SLRs.

300D 350D 20D 5D 1Ds Mark II
$700 $850 $1,300 $3,300 $8,000

Here are some of the reasons it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Older Model

In 2005, the 300D was replaced with the 350D (also called the Rebel XT).

The Rebel XT improved the features of the 300D, and only bumped up the price by a couple hundred dollars.

If you want the latest Digital Rebel, get the 350D.

If you're still looking for the lowest price Canon digital SLR, get the 300D.

Consumer vs. Professional

So what's with the big difference in price?

The difference is between Canon cameras that are geared for professionals and those designed for hobby photographers.

You should know which category you fall into.

Advanced amateurs (people who use SLR film cameras but don't take photos for a living) are lumped into the same category with the pros.

They are people who demand more from their SLR camera.

Here are some of the reasons why the 300D is the lowest price Canon digital SLR:

  • It has a plastic body instead of metal (less durable)
  • Has a 6.3 megapixels sensor (instead of 8 or 16)
  • Not weather sealed (don't take it out in the rain)
  • Can only take 4 continuous shots (instead of 23 or 60)

Simply put, it is not built to the exacting standards of professional photographers.

Will it work fine for most amateurs? You bet.

Who This Camera is For

Well, the lowest price Canon digital SLR is for you if you want the benefits of a digital SLR without a huge price tag.

It's also for you if you are a SLR newbie and will leave the camera on AUTO a lot.

It's for anyone just getting started with photography. It will allow you to experiment with a digital SLR until you learn what you like.

Then you can go out and purchase the camera of your dreams.

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