Minimum configuration for PC

by Varun
(Bangalore, India)

While uploading and editing the photos my system seems to be very slow. Could you suggest something like a minimum required configuration, just to speed up things. I'm planning to buy a notebook.

I've been reading your news letters for a long time and have learned a lot from your lessons.

I have a Canon 450D SLR.

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Oct 27, 2015
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by: Anonymous

Usually it gets slower if there is not enough memory.
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Aug 01, 2009
Dual processors, high-speed Internet
by: Digital SLR Guide

When you're trying to view and edit 10 megapixel files (which is what the 450D produces) you need a fair amount of computer processing power to manipulate all of that image data.

One thing to look for in a computer that you want to use for image editing is multiple processors - this increases the computer's ability to handle large image files.

I know that there are dual processors and even quad processors for desktop computers but I'm not as sure about laptops - just find something that's got a fair amount of processing power to work with those images.

The upload speed is directly related to the speed of your Internet connection - so get the fastest connection you're willing to pay for.

Even though I have a fast connection, it can still take hours to upload some of the pictures that I take, so I will often start an upload when I'm not using the computer and will just let it run as long as it needs to (sometimes in the middle of the night).

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