Nikon D60 Shutter Release Noise

by john

Hi, I've just gotten a Nikon D60 a month ago. Every time I press the shutter release button, it has a sharp Snap sound, followed by an annoying remnant spring-like sound. I increased the shutter speed and it still sounds like that. When I first got it a month ago, I don't recall hearing that annoying remnant bit; it was a sharp Snap sound. I'm new to DSLRs and I'm worried that something might be wrong with it.

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Dec 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

It`s the same with mine . It has exactly the same spring like sound that you`ve described

Aug 04, 2009
May be a problem
by: Digital SLR Guide

While the shutter sound on many digital SLRs can be quite loud, what you are describing does not sound normal, especially since you feel that the sound has changed over time.

Many online reviews note how quiet and "solid" the shutter on the D60 sounds, and when I was using it myself I did not notice that it made an excessive amount of noise.

I was able to find one video that includes the sound of the D60 shutter that might help you compare the sound of the camera with yours.

You may also be able to go to a local camera shop to see if they will let you compare a D60 floor model with your camera so that you can see if there is a difference in the shutter sound.

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