Beginner DSLR Lesson Contents

Lesson One

  • Aperture
  • Aperture Priority
  • Depth of Field
  • Aperture in the Real World
  • Shutter Speed
  • Shutter Priority
  • Shutter Speed in the Real World
  • Shutter Speed and Focal Length

Lesson Two

  • Exposure
  • Dynamic Range
  • SLR Light Meters
  • The Aperture / Shutter Speed Seesaw
  • Exposure In The Real World
  • Exposure Examples

Lesson Three

  • Exposure Bracketing
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Histograms
  • ISO
  • Image Noise
  • The Color of Light
  • White Balance

Lesson Four

  • Autofocus Points
  • Autofocus Modes
  • One-Shot, Timer and Continuous-Shot
  • Metering Modes
  • Image Quality
  • RAW vs. JPG

Lesson Five

  • Rule of Thirds
  • Leading Lines
  • Framing
  • Creating Depth
  • Size and Scale
  • How to See the Quality of Light
  • Research Your Photo Locations
  • Why You Should Take Too Many Photos
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