Find the Best Digital SLR Camera
(In 4 Easy Steps)

If you're searching for the best digital SLR camera, I feel your pain.

Digital SLR Cameras

This is no easy task, and it's sure not made any easier by the fact that most web sites seem to expect you to be a photographic expert!

Within the first few paragraphs of most camera descriptions, you suddenly find yourself reading about digital sensors, pixels, frame rates, multi-plane image stabilization and my personal favorite "chromatic aberration".

Say what?

Simple Practical Information

Welcome to a different approach to finding the best digital SLR camera.

Every last page of this web site is written with beginning photographers in mind. I make zero assumptions about your level of photographic or technical expertise.

I can't avoid the tech-talk entirely. After all, at some point you WILL have to compare how two cameras handle high ISO noise, but here's the difference: by the time you start comparing cameras you'll already know what ISO and noise are.

How the Guide is Organized

The Digital SLR Guide helps you find the best digital SLR using a simple 4-step process.

  1. First, you must understand HOW you want to use your camera and WHAT types of pictures you want to take with it. I'll help you figure this out.
  2. Second, you have to have at least a basic understanding of how a digital SLR camera works and what some of those tech terms mean. I'll explain them.
  3. Third, you start comparing cameras using the knowledge that you've gained in steps 1 and 2. You'll find a great camera that meets your needs.
  4. Finally, you can learn more about the many accessories that are available for your camera.

Ready to dive in? Find the best digital SLR camera for you!

Help! I Need a Lens!

Nikon Zoom Lens

You may have discovered this web site even though you are the proud owner of a perfectly nice digital SLR that you have no intention of replacing.

Instead, you're looking for a new lens to expand your creative horizons. Or maybe your old lens just decided that it won't focus anymore.

Regardless of the reason, finding a great lens for your DSLR can be ALMOST as challenging as finding the best camera.

Fear not! I've developed a simple step-by-step approach that will help you find the best digital SLR lens.

Interested in a Specific Camera Brand?

Canon Digital SLRs

Canon Digital SLRs

Nikon Digital SLRs

Nikon Digital SLRs

Sony Digital SLRs

Sony Digital SLRs

Here's What Else You Can Learn

What Is a Digital SLR Camera?
What is a digital SLR? It's a camera with features that help you take more professional-looking photos.
Define Digital SLR Terms
If you define digital SLR terms before you go shopping for a camera you're less likely to wind up with more camera than you need.
Beginner DSLR Lessons
These beginner DSLR lessons will help you take better pictures by explaining all the features of your camera in simple language.
Intermediate Digital SLR Lessons
These intermediate digital SLR lessons show you how to see and manipulate light so that you see a dramatic improvement in the quality of your photos.
Find the Best Digital SLR Camera
Find the best digital SLR camera by deciding what KINDS of photos you want to take FIRST.
Canon Digital SLR Cameras
Finding the best Canon digital SLR camera isn't easy because there are so many great options to choose from.
Nikon Digital SLR Cameras
There is a Nikon digital SLR camera for every level of photographer from beginner to ultra-professional.
Olympus Digital SLR Cameras
Learn more about Olympus digital SLR cameras, and find out why none have been released since 2010.
Pentax Digital SLR Cameras
Find out if there's a Pentax digital SLR camera that will help you take the photos you love.
Sony Digital SLR Cameras
To find the best Sony digital SLR, you'll need to compare several different cameras with comparable features.
Canon vs Nikon Digital SLR Cameras
There's an ongoing competition between Canon vs Nikon when it comes to digital SLR cameras.
Canon 600D vs 650D
This Canon 600D vs 650D comparison will help you decide if the newer model is worth the extra expense.
What is the Best Digital SLR?
If you've ever wondered what is the best digital SLR you're not alone. Even though there isn't a straight and simple answer to this question it CAN be answered.
The Best Digital SLR Lens
Find the best digital SLR lens to go with your camera, regardless of the camera manufacturer.
Focal Length
Deciding on a focal length is the first step to finding the best lens for your digital SLR camera.
Prime and Zoom Lenses
Learn more about the difference between prime and zoom lenses and the pros and cons of each.
What is Maximum Aperture?
The maximum aperture of the lens you are using can limit the types of photos you can take with your digital SLR.
First vs Third Party Lenses
Understanding the difference between first vs third party lenses for your DSLR can save you a LOT of money.