Beginner DSLR Lessons

Learn techniques in these beginner DSLR Lessons that will dramatically improve the quality of every photo you take.

Hey...why don't my digital SLR photos look spectacular?

It's a question that I get asked all the time — after all, you've just dropped a ton of money on a shiny new digital SLR camera.

Since a digital SLR costs so much, it will take great pictures right? Unfortunately, beginning digital SLR photographers sometimes discover that photos they take with an SLR don't turn out much better than ones taken with a cheap compact.

There's a reason for this, and I'll explain what it is.

Beach Daylight


Beach Sunset


Your Camera is Just a Tool

"If you have ever thought that taking pictures with a SLR is out of your league, these lessons will prove you wrong. They're a simple and easy to understand approach to getting started the right way."

A common assumption is that modern digital SLRs are so advanced that they can't take a bad picture.

This just isn't true.

Stunning photos are the result of a synthesis between the skills of the photographer behind the camera and the sophisticated circuits inside the camera.

In order to capture these types of photos, you must take manual control of your camera so that you can tell it exactly what to do.

And now, some good news: this isn't hard to learn.

Baby Photo With Flash


Baby Photo Natural Light


A Step-by-Step Guide To Your Digital SLR

I've written five beginner DSLR lessons that will teach you how to capture important moments in life with your camera.

These plain-English lessons are easy for anyone to understand.

They aren't written with one particular SLR camera model in mind - they apply to ALL digital SLR cameras. If you do have a question that's specific to your SLR, you are welcome to ask.

The lessons can be read online at any time (text only, no video) via any computer with an Internet connection. Each lesson is also available as a PDF that you can download and print to carry with you for reference.

Here's just a small sample of the DSLR techniques you'll learn:

  • How to take crystal-clear photos, even in dim light
  • How to capture fast action, even when it's heading right for you
  • How to adjust your camera to get the right exposure every time
  • The most common cause of blurry photos, and how to avoid it
  • How to make your subject stand out from the background
  • How to tweak your camera's settings to capture vivid, accurate colors
  • 7 composition techniques that will instantly improve your photos
  • The most common mistake made when you point-and-shoot...and how you can avoid it

Most'll just learn how to feel comfortable with your digital SLR camera. And this will go a long way toward dramatically improving the photos you take with it.

Work at Your Own Pace

"Anyone that is serious about their SLR and wants to learn how to use it and take quality pictures must take this course!"

I really don't want you to rush through these digital SLR lessons - I want you to take the time to completely understand how your digital SLR works.

I realize that some people with have plenty of time each day to sit down and work through a lesson. Others with less free time will have to work through the lessons as they can.

Since this is the case, there are several important points that must be made about your access to the lessons:

  • There is no time limit on the lessons
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can view the lessons
  • The lessons are available online, 24/7
  • You can download the lessons as PDFs and take them with you

Even if it's years from now and you still want to brush up on your technique, you'll be able to access the lessons. If you happen to forget your password just contact me and I'll help you out.

Standing Duck Taken With DSLR


Duck in Flight Taken With DSLR


Personal Help When You Need It

Consider me your own personal DSLR tutor.

I have written the lessons as clearly as possible in the hopes that everything that you read is completely intuitive.

However, I'm also well aware that there may be times when you need additional clarification, or help with a specific photographic situation that I don't cover.

In these cases, you are welcome to contact me and I will personally assist you until your question is answered.

Detailed Lessons Without a Huge Price Tag

"What an amazing course!! It's a STEAL. I was feeling overwhelmed when I bought my camera and unsure if the investment was worth it. Then I found this course and decided it was worth a try. What an understatement! It was worth every penny and double that! By the end of the course, I took my first every successful picture of a moon rise - something I've been trying to do for 10 years! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this course available!"

Learn all that jargon packed into your camera's manual AND improve the quality of your photos for less than the price of a new memory card.

The five lessons cost just $14.95 USD (about £10 or $20.57 AUD).

This one-time fee buys you:

  1. Indefinite access to all five lessons
  2. Free updates when I upgrade the lessons to add more information
  3. Personal help - ask me as many questions as often as you like

Need more info before you're ready to sign up?

Getting Started Is Easy

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Just think - within minutes you can be taking steps to ensure that you never again get blurry or badly exposed photos of moments that really matter.

When the opportunity arrives, you'll be ready to capture the photo of a lifetime.

To your photographic success,

Chris Roberts
Your Digital SLR Guide

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