Find the Best Digital SLR Camera...For YOU

When I get asked "what is the best digital SLR camera" my answer is always the same: it's the one that helps you take the photos you love.

All digital SLRs on the market today are very similar, and they all take great photos.

Comparing digital SLR cameras is a lot like comparing apples to apples. Faced with a large pile of apples, how do you pick the best one for you?

You can pick from a variety of apples because you know exactly what you like (i.e. crunchy, tart, green, no spots).

Finding the best digital SLR camera is really not all that different.

The most important first step on your path toward the best digital SLR camera is to have at least a general idea about what sorts of subjects you want to photograph.

Discover Your Inner Photographer

Let's start with a self-assessment.

This one won't help you quit smoking or discover your true calling in life, but it should help you pick out the best digital SLR camera for you.

The question you have to ask yourself is: What do I love to photograph?

Think of this exercise as finding your photographic sign. Once you know your sign, it will be easier for you to find a digital SLR you're compatible with.

In the next section, I'm going to list of a variety of photographic styles. See if one of them appeals to you more than the others.

Photography Styles

Action and Sports

You may not think you're an action photographer. If your joy in life is photographing children and pets, you are! They never stop moving around, and they rarely sit still for a photo.

Yellow lab running


Faces are fascinating to you. When you go on vacation you are more inclined to take photos of the locals than the scenery. There is something about the human face and the expressiveness of the eyes that is captivating.

Black and white portrait


Landscape photographers are somewhat opposite to portrait photographers. While the portrait person likes to interact with people, the landscaper is more at home in the beauty of nature without another single person for miles.

Bench with lake landscape


The devil is in the details - and you want to try to find it. Macro photography is for those who love the small things in life, and pay enough attention to their surroundings to notice all of the tiny details.

Roses with dew

Night/Low Light

You enjoy prowling around in the dark or are fascinated by the way night-time can change a city. That, or you really enjoy taking photos inside dim galleries and museums.

Street at night


You want your camera to go EVERYWHERE with you. Whether it's hiking, biking, or jumping out of an airplane, the best digital SLR camera for you will be small and light.

Wooden staircase


You are most inclined to pull out a camera when your small child is reaching for his favorite toy. You take photos of birthday parties, dinners, and other events that occur inside a house.

Child with stuffed animal


You want to be able to react on a moment's notice, and know that speed is essential to capturing the photo of a lifetime. You have a habit of waiting until the last moment to bring out the camera.

Soap bubbles


No photo you take is without some form of preparation. Whether it's a child's portrait or a still life of your favorite flower, you like to get everything set up so that the light, color and mood are just right.

Flower petal closeup

Pick Your Style

Before you go any further, pick your photographic style.

It's OK to choose 2 or 3 styles, so long as you remember which ones they are.

Write them down somewhere so you won't forget them.

Once you start comparing digital SLR cameras, it's easy to lose track of why you needed the camera in the first place.

When you just focus on the features that help you take the photos you love, it reduces the number of features you have to evaluate.

Your Next Step — Learn Digital SLR Jargon

In Step Two you'll find out how a digital SLR camera works and how it's different from a compact camera. You'll also learn all of the latest digital SLR camera tech jargon, explained in plain English.

A solid foundation in this terminology will help you match camera features to the photographic style you just selected.

End result?

You'll find the best digital SLR camera, and not just the best camera for anyone.

Nope, this will be the best digital SLR camera for you.

Continue to Step 2

I DO encourage you to continue to step 2 to learn some of the jargon associated with digital SLRs so that you can make an educated decision when the time finally comes.

However, I also realize that you might be pressed for time or you might also be trying to buy a gift for someone else (so spending a lot of time learning DSLR tech-speak is not really what you want).

If this is the case you can also find the best digital SLR camera by looking at the list of best-selling cameras on After all, if hundreds of OTHER people like it, it's probably a decent camera right?

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