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The digital SLR reviews at the Digital SLR Guide are written with the beginning photographer in mind.

There are a LOT of digital SLR reviews out there on the web. I should know - I've read a lot of them.

Yes, they provide a lot of great detailed information about each camera model. But I've come to realize that many of them suppose that you already know an awful lot about how digital SLR camera work.

I figure that if I can barely understand some of the nuanced functionality described, how can someone who's never held a DSLR figure it out?

The reviews here strive to be different. You won't need a technical degree to understand them, nor do you have to have ANY previous photography experience.

I follow three simple guiding principles for every camera review that I post to this site...

I'm Non-Technical

Every one of my digital SLR camera reviews is presented in a non-technical manner. No charts, no graphs, no deep musings about the color reproducing capacity of the silicon chip.

Instead, I tell you a story. It's a story about my experience using the camera and taking photos with it. Call it a real-world test or practical advice.

You'll find out what it's like to use the camera for every-day photography, not for a professional photo shoot with supermodels, bright lights and a swarm of photo interns.

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I'm Not Biased

This site was not created by nor is it supported by any camera manufacturer or distributor.

What does this mean?

It means that the digital SLR reviews that I write are unbiased. I don't have any preferences for camera makes and models - I just want to find cameras that really work.

I don't have to tell you that every camera is great, and that every digital SLR works like a charm. I will not give every camera a 5 star rating.

I am trying to help you make up your mind, and if I just tell you that they are all perfect, that doesn't help you in any way.

Think of me like the inspector for your new home: I am here to get in the crawlspace, inspect the foundation and tell you about every crack, flaw and minor imperfection.

With luck, you won't get an expensive digital SLR that is a fixer-upper.

I LOVE Taking Photos

It's Q and A time here at the Digital SLR Guide:

  • How do you evaluate a home? Visit it.
  • How do you evaluate a car? Drive it.
  • How do you evaluate a digital SLR camera? Take photos with it.

Each one of my digital SLR camera guides is going to include photos - as many photos as I can pack onto the page.

The best way for you to choose a digital SLR is to use it yourself: hold it, carry it around, take lots of photos. The second best way is to see lots of photos taken by the camera and decide if you like the way they look.

Every photo that I take and post to this site will NOT be manipulated in any way.

Spiderweb With Dew

The photos will appear as the camera took them, and I am going to put each camera through its paces.

You will see how each camera's light meter works, how it reproduces color, and how well it focuses on moving targets.

You won't be seeing a lot of photos of supermodels and perfectly-lit scenes. I use cameras as anyone would to take snapshots of everyday events.

If you get bored with all of the dog and baby pictures, I apologize in advance.

Read The Reviews

Since I started this web site in 2005, I've had the opportunity to review a wide range of digital SLR cameras, from the most basic models to the most advanced.

You'll quickly realize that I haven't reviewed EVERY last digital SLR out there. While I would like to, I'm one person and I just don't have the time.

In many cases, I won't review a camera if it's functionally similar to another model that I have reviewed - so long as you know the differences between the cameras, this should help you decide which one is the best DSLR for you.

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