DSLR Lesson Testimonials

The DSLR Lesson testimonials that appear on this page were sent in by people who have completed the lessons and have agreed to share their feedback with other visitors to the Digital SLR Guide. I only use first names to protect the privacy of those who have provided a testimonial.

I've just finished your lessons and I really have to thank you. As a complete beginner to digital SLR world, I found all the menus on the digital camera quite difficult and I think that without this course, I would lose my motivation and become very frustrated in the first days.

There's a lot of weekend courses for beginners. But would I be able to understand everything just in one day and not get lost in all the definitions? I don't think so. I found it very helpful that I got your lessons in a series and that I had enough time to play with the camera settings as long as I wished to without being in a hurry.

I appreciate that you use very plain and straightforward language that even someone who is not used to technical jargon can understand it perfectly. Also the exercise part was fun, as it always helped to understand the theory and see all the effects immediately in real life.

I'm glad that I've chosen your course. As I said before, I'm only beginner, but I've already started to control my camera in manual mode and I can already see improvements in the images I take. Of course, I will need more practice and I'm sure that I will delete a lot of mediocre pictures in the coming days and weeks, but you've helped me to love taking pictures even more than I did before. Thank you for that.

-- Jana

Fantastic course. The two months of owning my DSLR prior to doing this course I was impressed with the shots I was taking and that was just using the auto and preset modes. Now two months after doing the course OTHER people are impressed with my shots and the control I have over my shots is very rewarding. For $15 how could someone new to the world of DSLR afford NOT to do it. Thanks Heaps.

-- Steve

This course was great. My husband and I are both reading it and each week learning to take new photos with our Canon XSi. One of our favorite subjects is our little 7 month old son.... he's been great for the "motion" lessons!! You have explained everything very well and the exercises at the end of the lessons help "apply" the info. We will be re-reading these lessons and trying to get better and better in time. Thanks!

-- Celia

This course was exactly what I needed after the puchase of my first digital SLR. Value for money was excellent. Having just switched from a compact camera, the many functions of the SLR had me very confused. The five lessons taught me all the basics I needed and at any time I could email Chris with questions I didn't understand relating to my camera (and I did a lot of that!!) with a prompt response every time.

The online course was the best option for me. I could do it in my own time, at my own pace without distraction from other people around to interrupt my concentration. My only regret is that the lessons have now finished but I will be referring back to them when I need to. Plus the monthly newsletter will still keep me up to date on what's new, tips and techniques. And of course there is still the option to email Chris with problems I may encounter in years to come.

I have been inspired to use my camera all the time (never on auto) and I have even subscribed to an Australian Photography magazine which I will be entering into their magazine competions ( hopefully with some success, though I am still a beginner !! ).

I highly recommend this 5 week course to anyone who is switching to a Digital SLR. You won't be dissapointed.

-- Mary

My husband bought me my beautiful camera for my birthday. The camera is beautiful - any DSLR is... but when I saw all the buttons I just got discouraged. I have read the manual - I have read the Digital SLR Guide - but it took doing the lessons and your GREAT exercises that made me go out and understand what you were saying. You write so everyone can understand and use great pictures/graphs for those of us who need to see to understand.

I am sure I will take better pictures and use my camera much more now- actually I haven't even put it on the Auto mode yet. I have too much fun playing around taking a million pictures and getting one that works.

-- Amy

I was leary to do an online lesson but it has helped me so much. I knew nothing about SLR cameras and after two months of studying the lessons, I have amazed myself. I took the challenge of putting my camera on manual and leaving it there for a week. It's now four weeks and I love the fact that I have control of how my camera takes pictures. Automatic is not for me anymore! The best way to do these lessons is to go to a local park and go over the lesson while practicing with your camera. I learned so much!!!!!!!!! Thank you for easy to understand instruction.

-- Betty

All I can say is, "WOW". You have truly helped me understand how to use my Digital SLR. My photos have greatly improved in just the five weeks I have taken your course. I love the way you explain the lessons in a way that a real beginner can understand. Thank You!

-- Michelle

I would like to start off be saying Thank you, and that I loved this course. I purchased a Nikon D40x a few months ago, and I must admit before your e-course I was ready to sell it on eBay.

I happened upon your course on the internet while searching for information on how to use my SLR cameras. I must admit, I was reluctant at first, but after reading all of the course feedback I decided to pay the $15 for the course and i dove right in. After lesson 3 I took my SLR off of the auto setting mode and I love it. I am now able to have fun with my new camera and my pictures have improved 100%.

The infomation was presented exceptionally well so that it was easy to ready and understand. The tech stuff was explained so that I understood and retained the infomation. Now that I have completed your course, I will never go back to a point and shoot camera.

Anyone that is serious about their SLR and wants to learn how to use it and take quality pictures must take must take this course!

-- Michael

This course was great. Each lesson was broken down just enough for me to learn each concept without feeling overwhelmed by all the technical stuff. Before this course, I always wanted to get into digital slr's but I was always intimated by the complexity of these cameras. This course was able to take each function and camera ability and show me that this isn't rocket science.

-- Eugene

This course really helped me understand my DSLR, and more than that, the course showed me how to apply what I'd learned. With digital cameras, you can see the results and learn from them immediately.

I'm the type that read my camera manual thoroughly -- even took notes -- yet something was lacking in my understanding of many DSLR features. I thought I'd buy a book online, and that's when I stumbled onto this course. I'm so glad I did, because the last five weeks have provided me with a lot of "a-ha!" moments. I know I can go over the various lessons again if need be, and that's very handy.

Thanks so much!

-- Lisa

After years of point and shoot digital cameras and no experience with 35mm film cameras I took the plunge and bought a Digital SLR. That's when total panic commenced.

I searched the net for help and was lucky enough to find this terrific course.

Chris explains basic and advanced concepts concisely AND clearly. He also provides numerous photo examples which illustrate the lessons. Those were invaluable.

I feel the course was not only well thougth out but also very well executed. And Chris' constant offer of additional help made me feel welcome to ask additional questions.

The purchase of my Digital SLR which began with sheer terror has-in a few short weeks-turned into a wonderful photographing experience. Due in no small part to this great course.

-- Michele

Fantastic. So easy to understand and very easy step by step lessons.

I have done a lot of research for digital camera lessons and found many I have tried left me still confused a bit. When finished with this one I feel like a pro...I can truly say "now I get it" and it taught me how everything fits right into place with each other.

Now, the only problem is I have to be able to go out with my camera and use it a lot so I don't forget all this wonderful stuff I have learned.

-- Jan

Thank you for the amazing class. The information presented was easy to understand, and I appreciate how quickly you answered my questions. I now am so confident with my camera, and am using manual mode way more than I ever dreamed. My husband thinks I'm some kind of geek, but I'm getting amazing shots of the kids!!!

-- Kari

If you have ever thought that taking pictures with a SLR is out of your league, this Ecourse will prove you wrong. This is a simple and easy to understand approach to getting started the right way.

-- Sean

Thank you so much. I studied photography years ago, and only recently purchased a digital camera. This course helped refresh some of the finer details, and also helped me get a good working knowledge of some of the particulars of digital cameras.

-- Heather

Never mind 5 Weeks - after the first two weeks I was doing so much more with my camera. I thought it was going to be a slow process for me to come to terms with the manual operation of my 30D, but these lessons have saved me so much time. Thank you very much!

-- Mal

I was so thrilled to get my first DSLR and this quickly turned to despair! I thought I would never manage to understand and use it to good effect, I stumbled across this e-course by accident and it cost so little I decided to give it a go..nothing to lose. I have quickly come to understand the basics and even some of the advanced uses of my camera and am slowly starting to trust myself and to use my camera as it were intended. The lessons are clear and simply stated and there is no hurry moving on to the next lesson if you are not ready to, I have just reached the last lesson and will still refer back to earlier lessons if I am not sure about something. I found it a great help and if you need to ask questions you can and they are answered without fuss. I highly recommend this course.

-- Jenny

I found this course to be exactly what I needed to make the leap from basic point and shoot digital to a digital SLR. Chris clearly explains everything, without ever talking down to anyone. Very comprehensive, yet easy to understand - and more importantly, easy to put into use. I highly recommend it and have already referred people to sign up.

-- Danielle

I now feel comfortable using my digital SLR. I no longer feel intimidated by all the settings and buttons on the camera. Now I can focus more on the composition of my pictures rather than spending time reading the owners manual and trying to figure out how to use the camera. I recomend this course to anyone purchasing a camera that has any manual controls on it. P.S. It was $15.00 well spent.

-- James

What a wonderful course!! I started off knowing absolutely nothing about SLR cameras and now, although far from an expert, I can hold my head high and be proud of the photos that I have taken. This course is plain talking and therefore easy to understand.

-- Pat

Thank you, thank you, thank you! After following all of the lessons and practicing, I have noticed that only after 4 weeks my photos are looking "semi-pro". I have had a few photos that people haven't believed I took them. The course was very easy to follow.

-- Kane

My background was film with a Vito B Voightland followed by a Nikon FG SLR, long long ago. My steps into digital photography were with a Pentax Optio A10. The lack of a viewfinder and a case where it is impossible to judge the quality of the photo in sunlight led me to invest in a Canon EOS 400D SLR. Good fortune led me to your web site and I signed up for the complete course.

After only 6 days I am using the manual settings with confidence including the histogram and adding notes to your lessons from other sources which you recommended such as ISO 100 for outdoor, ISO 400 for indoor. I also feel that I understand the functions and can read other articles with confidence. I read everything 3 times, maybe more and did all the exercises. My photographs are as good as any I have ever taken. My thanks for your notes and instruction, I now have a new hobby.

-- John

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