Have a question about the digital SLR Lessons? Check this page first for the answer.

Can I Keep the Lessons?

Of course. Once you register for the lessons you may refer to them again at any time in the future, even if it's years from now.

Are the Lessons Current?

You bet. Since these are online lessons and not a book, it is easy for me to add new information to them as digital camera technology changes.

Do I HAVE to Own a Digital SLR?

Nope. These lessons will teach you important skills even if you own an SLR-like digital camera. The only criteria is that your camera must offer some form of manual control.

Are the Lessons Specific to One Camera?

No, they're not. Every digital SLR camera on the market has the same basic features, allowing you to change aperture, shutter speed, white balance and ISO. The lessons explain these features (and more) that are common on ALL digital SLRs.

How Do The Lessons Work?

They're online. There's one web page per lesson so that you can work your way progressively through each feature on your SLR.

Once you register for the digital SLR lessons, you'll receive an e-mail that provides you with information about how to access them.

What If I Don't Learn Anything?

You get your money back. If you're not 100% satisfied with what you learn in these lessons, I'll issue you an immediate refund, no questions asked.

Do I Have to Be In the United States?

No, you don't. I use PayPal to process the payments for the lessons, which means that you can pay for them in any type of currency and PayPal figures out the exchange rate for you.

Can I Ask A Question Even Before I Register?

Sure. If you still are not sure if these lessons are right for you, contact me and ask me whatever you'd like to know.

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