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Fuji Digital SLR Cameras

Page updated: July 2007

If you're interested in a Fuji digital SLR camera, you won't have to compare a lot of different cameras.

Fuji doesn't produce SLRs quite as fast as other manufacturers, and their cameras are aimed more at the professional market (especially wedding photographers).


Fuji Digital SLRs

So how do Fuji digital SLR cameras compete with the likes of Canon and Nikon?

They use a special sensor that captures more detail from shadows to highlights.

fuji s3 pro digital slr
fuji s5 pro digital slr

Dynamic Range and the Fuji Sensor

canon 20d sample photo

An example of burned out highlights (on the dog's cheek and forehead)

To talk about the Fuji digital SLR sensor in any detail, you must first understand the problem it solves.

The human eye percieves a massive range of tonality from dark to light.

Standing in a forest at the edge of a sunlit glade, you can see the patter and texture of the leaves in direct sunlight, but you can also make out the pattern of the tree bark in shadow.

A digital SLR camera cannot.

Many digital SLRs have what's called limited dynamic range. In conditions of extreme contrast the camera must make a choice: show details in the shadows and over-expose the highlights or capture the highlights and under-expose the shadows.

Any object in direct sunlight will become pure white - losing all detail and texture - and everything in the shadows will appear closer to black in your final image.

The Fuji SuperCCD SR Sensor

The Fuji sensor actually captures two images for every photo you take.

One image is what you'd expect to get from a standard digital SLR sensor, and the other is a darker image designed to capture highlight details.

The camera combines the two images for the final result.

This effectively "extends" the dynamic range of the Fuji digital SLR sensor beyond what you can get in other digital SLR cameras.

It's a huge benefit for anyone who uses an on-camera flash for portrait work or who typically takes photos where there is extreme contrast (portraits on sunny days).

It's also a challenge to the more popular manufactuers to produce "smarter" sensors rather than just sensors with more megapixels.

You can read more technical information about the Fuji digital SLR sensor at ePHOTOzine.

Fuji Digital SLR Cameras

Fuji S3 Pro
Release Date
December 2004
fuji s3 pro digital slr
Key Features12.3 megapixels
UniquenessWide dynamic range
Great ForWedding and portrait
LevelIntermediate to advanced
Avg. Kit Price$2,390
CompetitorsCanon 5D
The Fuji S3 pro features the special Fuji sensor with extended dynamic range. While the camera is rated at 12.3 megapixels, the sensor is really divided into two 6.17 megapixel groups: one group captures the shadows and the other captures the highlights. The Fuji S3 Pro runs on 4AA batteries and stores photos on xD photo cards.
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Fuji S5 Pro
Release Date
February 2007
fuji s5 pro digital slr
Key Features12.3 megapixels, compatible with Nikon lenses
UniquenessWide dynamic range
Great ForWedding and portrait
LevelIntermediate to advanced
Avg. Kit Price$1,900
CompetitorsCanon 30D, Nikon D200
For significantly less money than an S3 Pro you can now get your hands on an S5 - which includes improvements over the S3 across the board. The S5 Pro is based on the Nikon D200 camera body: it's fully weather sealed, with a 2.5 inch LCD, 11-point autofocus system, and increased compatibility with Nikon flash units and lenses.
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