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Special Features of Digital SLR Cameras

Why are so many special features of digital SLR cameras popping up these days?

It's all a matter of competition.

Early on in the digital SLR game, Canon and Nikon established themselves as the dominant players.

While the other companies were duking it out in the lucrative compact camera market, Canon and Nikon were cranking out one SLR after another.

In order to catch up and differentiate themsleves from these market leaders, other camera companies have developed a slew of "extras" that are now included on many different cameras.

Extra Features: an Introduction

Currently there are three "special" features that set digital SLR cameras apart:

  1. Image Stabilization
  2. Full Frame Sensors
  3. Video Modes

Olympus, the Innovator

When it comes to special features on digital SLR cameras, Olympus has been the front-runner in terms of new development.

Olympus seems well aware that they have to compete with companies with a lot of brand recognition like Canon and Nikon, and have innovated many of the features that I have listed above.

For example:

  • The Olympus E-300 was the first digital SLR camera with dust control
  • The Olympus E-330 was the first digital SLR camera with a live view LCD screen

Konica Minolta (now replaced by Sony) is credited with the development of the built-in image stabilization system and it took awhile for other camera companies to adopt its use.

Olympus was able to claim another first with the release of the E-510 which includes built in image stabilization: the first here is that it was the only camera (at the time of release) to include a TRIO of special features (dust control, built-in stabilization and a live view LCD).

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