How to Pick a Digital SLR Camera

An Introduction to the Digital SLR Guide's 4-step process

It's not easy to pick a digital SLR camera - new models are introduced each year and it's getting harder to tell them all apart.

These 4 steps will help you with all of that.

Follow them in order, and you'll be able to pick the right digital SLR with ease.

You'll learn all of the jargon and you'll be able to cut through the clutter of information, saving yourself a lot of time and effort.

Step 1 - Find the Best Camera For YOU

Imagine for a moment that instead of a digital SLR, you're getting a bicycle.

You go out and buy a beautiful high-end racing bike because it's on sale, but what you really love is off-roading through the mud. Your new bike isn't going to work very well.

The same thing can happen when you pick a digital SLR camera.

In step one, take a moment and figure out what you really want to photograph.

This knowledge will provide you with a solid foundation when you start comparing digital SLR cameras.

Step 2 - Understand the Jargon

Pop quiz time!

If someone asked you "What is a digital SLR?" could you give them an answer?

Do you know what all of these digital SLR terms mean: megapixels, anti-shake, ISO, buffer and metering mode?

You should know before you start to shop.

When you understand digital SLR jargon you'll be able to find a camera with all of the features you need, and none of the extras you don't.

Step 3 - Pick A Digital SLR Camera

This one is easy if you've done steps one and two. In fact, it's almost a no-brainer!

You know what photos you love to take and the features you'll need to take them. Now you just have to pick a digital SLR camera that's a perfect match.

There are four ways you can go about this:

  1. Compare features: evaluate SLRs based on megapixels, cost and popularity
  2. Follow my advice: find out my picks for the best digital SLR cameras
  3. Compare head to head: see how cameras stack up against each other
  4. Read a guide: the in-depth guides tell you all about a specific camera

Step 4 - Compare Digital SLR Camera Prices and BUY

Now you're ready to compare digital SLR camera prices!

But notice what's happened - instead of comparing prices for every single camera on the market, now you only have to find the best deal on the one camera you know you want.

Isn't that easier?

Benefits of The 4-Step Process

Here's what I like so much about picking a digital SLR using these steps:

  • No salesperson will be able to sell you more camera than you need
  • You only have to compare digital SLR camera prices for a few cameras
  • You'll feel confident when you buy your new digital SLR
  • You won't regret your purchase after the fact
  • You'll have a new digital SLR that will last for years to come

Find the Best Lens

Even if you pick the world's best digital SLR camera, it won't take good photos without a decent lens.

But finding the best lens for your camera can be a real chore because there are SO MANY to choose from!

The Digital SLR Guide breaks down the process of picking a lens for your camera into 6 easy-to-follow steps.

Accessorize Your New Digital SLR

Once you pick a digital SLR camera and lens, you still might need need some additional things to go with it.

Some are required, others are nice to have.

Still Stumped? Help Is a Mouse Click Away!

OK, you've gone through all four steps. You didn't compare camera prices first, you followed all the steps in order.

But you're still totally confused.

You're not sure which camera to get, can't find one that will take the photos you love, or are still in the dark about some jargon.

Don't worry. You're not alone, and I am here to help. You can contact me whenever you like.

Get started with Step 1
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