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Betty's Digital SLR Student Story

St. Petersburg, FL

What was you level of photography knowledge before the lessons?

Zero! As little as any human being could know! NOTHING!!!!!!

What prompted you to buy a digital SLR?

I went to Alaska three years ago and took along my point and shoot camera.

whale tail

While trying to capture a whale tail, I got frustrated with the processing time between pictures and if I didn't take the picture at the right moment, I lost the tail.

I was returning to Alaska this year and my goal was to capture a perfect whale tail. I was obsessed with it. One of my friends told me I needed an SLR camera as they shoot pictures consecutively so as not to miss a tail.

Have you tried other types of photography lessons?

No. I was very skeptical of surfing the Internet and paying for a course, so when I came across this one I thought..."This is a minimal amount of money. Even if it's a scam, there will be no real money lost".

Was I surprised! Oh my, so much information given but broken down so I could understand it. I can't express in words how helpful this course has been to me.

What was your experience using the lessons?

sunset landscape

I would print out the lesson (one at a time).....go to my local park every weekend and sit under the pavilion and study it. I studied every sentence until each concept got in my brain. Then I would start shooting. I am a hands on learner so this was perfect for me. My first picture was practicing with F-Stop. I had NO idea what that was, but working with the lesson, it became clear.

Oh my goodness! I was amazed at what I was doing. I went as far as to make a cheat sheet, laminate it, and hook it onto my camera case so I could revert back to the basics any time I needed to. After practicing for five months, I went back to Alaska.

How do you feel now about your photography expertise?

woodland path

I did not know one thing about an SLR camera and when I came home from Alaska, people started ordering my prints. I was asked to display three of my pictures that were matted and framed, in an art gallery in a very influential part of my state. The owner put a price tag of $650 on two of them.

I have started doing pet photography on the side for extra money and love entering photo contests. I am a finalist for the $6500 Photography Laureates and The International Library of Photography contests.

I now have an eye for photography. I see things that most people would brush over. There is such beauty all around us and now I can capture it and look at it any time I want. These lessons have opened the creative part of me and who would have guessed I would be making money at something I love.


I am a hairdresser of 36 years with three grown daughters and a husband of thirty years. I love nature and being creative.

All photos on this page were taken by Betty (© 2007)

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