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Compare Digital SLR Megapixels

One way to compare digital SLR cameras is by megapixels.

This is not something that I typically recommend.

Here's why: it's easy to get caught up in the numbers - a higher number of megapixels means the camera takes better photos right?

No, not exactly.

Megapixels are useful if it's your intention to make large prints, or if you want to crop your photos a lot.

But if you run out and buy a camera with tons of megapixels that is missing other key features, you might be disappointed with your SLR as time goes on.

Start With Other Features

There are plenty of other features that will help you compare digital SLR cameras besides megapixels.

Here's a list of some other things to look for:

  • Built-in anti-shake
  • Live preview LCD
  • Extended dynamic range
  • Self-cleaning sensors
  • Continuous Photo Speed (also called Burst Rate)
  • ISO range
  • Size and Weight

The number of megapixels the camera has is just one of the important factors to consider.

Here's an example: let's say that your torn between an 8 megapixel camera and a 6 megapixel camera.

The 6 megapixel camera has built-in anti-shake which reduces camera vibrations and produces clearer shots, while the 8 megapixel camera does not.

You hate using a tripod and tend to take photos in low-light conditions.

Stick with the 6 megapixel camera - it will serve you better in the long run. While the 8 megapixel camera will let you make larger prints, the anti-shake is a more useful feature given the types of photos you love to take.

Compare by Megapixels

Now that I've made my big disclaimer, you can go ahead and compare digital SLR cameras by megapixels.

It is worthwhile to see just how many each digital SLR has, and provides some valuable insight.

I'll list the prices of the cameras along with the number of megapixels which should make something very clear: cameras with more megapixels are more expensive.

This is another reason why you should be 100% sure you need the megapixels before you go out and get an SLR with a lot of them.

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