15 Megapixel Digital SLR Cameras

If you're interested in a 15 megapixel digital SLR, I hope that it's because of the features and not because of the megapixel count.

For many years, the only way digital SLRs could distinguish themselves was by increasing the number of megapixels.

But once the 10 megapixel threshold was reached and became common, the megapixel race died down a bit.

This is because 10 megapixels is plenty for the average snapshot photographer.

Therefore, consider a 15 megapixel digital SLR because of the other features that it has to offer and try not to get too hung up on megapixels.

Discontinued 15MP Camera Models

All of the 15 megapixel digital SLRs are limited to Canon...and they are no longer available new (due to old age).

Canon quickly skipped over the 15 megapixel count and starting releasing cameras with 18 megapixels instead.

Canon 50D
canon eos 50d
October 2008 The 50D includes a slew of features that appeal to semi-pro photographers: solid build quality, plenty of custom controls and fast performance.
Canon Rebel T1i (500D)
canon rebel t1i 500d
April 2009 The T1i is the second Canon DSLR to include a video capture mode and the first digital Rebel with this feature.

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