24 Megapixel Digital SLR Cameras

While a 24 megapixel digital SLR will let you make enormous prints, the large file sizes will eat up space on your memory cards and hard drives.

Another drawback to sensors with this many megapixels is that they have a harder time maintaining good image quality at high ISO settings.

Since a 24 megapixel sensor has the same dimensions as a 12 megapixel sensor, the light-gathering elements on the 24 megapixel sensor must be smaller.

The smaller the light-gathering elements, the harder is is for the camera to control image noise.

Current 24MP Cameras

For a long while, Sony was the only manufacturer that provided 24 megapixels digital SLRs.

In 2012, Nikon added their first camera with this megapixel count — and it's likely that other manufacturers will join in soon.

Nikon D3200
nikon d3200
April 2012 In addition to its megapixel count, the D3200 also features an 11-point autofocus, 4 photo per second capture speed, ISO range from 100 to 12800 and a Full HD 1080p movie mode. This is quite a lot of functionality for a camera that lives in Nikon's "entry-level" line of digital SLRs.
$700 USD
Sony SLT-A65
sony slt-a65
October 2011 The A65 is the next generation of Sony's translucent mirror technology (following in the footsteps of the A33 and A55). The translucent mirror allows for continous high-speed autofocus in all camera modes, including video. It also provides the A65 with an exceptionally fast continuous shot speed: 10 photos per second. The A65 also comes equipped with 15 autofocus points, a flexible 3 inch LCD screen, 1080p movie mode, sweep panorama and an in-camera HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode.
$1,000 USD
Sony SLT-A77
sony slt-a77
October 2011 A step up above the A65, the A77 features a metal frame, a faster continuous speed (12 photos per second) and a few more autofocus points (19). The 3 inch LCD screen on the A77 is fully articulated with a special hinge that allows you to view the screen from any angle, even standing in front of the camera. In addition to sweep panorama and built-in HDR, the A77 also has a built-in GPS and is able to tag any photo you take with location information.
$2,000 USD

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