Site Build It! — Your Key to a Web Site That Makes Money

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure." --Bill Cosby

I always like to start with good news.

Anyone — even people with no prior Internet experience — can build a profitable web site using Site Build It!

And now for the bad news: success won't happen overnight, and it requires a persistent sustained effort to turn a profit.

But if a profitable site were an easy thing to achieve (as some other online get-rich-quick schemes would have you believe) then everyone would have one, right?

Your Brains, Your Motivation

Think of your relationship with SBI! as a business partnership: you're the free-spirited thinker, developing new content to add to your web site.

SBI! is a very intelligent automated wizard — it handles ALL of the complicated technology that is the backbone of your site — and it does so tranparently, leaving you free to build a successful online business.

Don't get me wrong here - this is not easy work.

Building a content-rich site that is appealing to both human visitors and automated search engines takes time, effort and gobs of patience. What you get out of using a program like SBI! is directly proportional to what you put in.

For example, I work on my site part-time, approximately 10 hours per week. That's all I have time for with two small children and a full-time job.

At this pace, it took me about two years to add enough content to the site for it to show up in the results of Google and Yahoo searches.

Now the number of visitors to the site increases each and every month — and every visitor has the potential to generate revenue.

What's Your Financial Goal?

I can only imagine - if you've read this far - that you have some compelling reason for wanting additional income:

  • Maybe you've got a job that you love, but it doesn't pay well
  • Maybe you've got a job that you hate, and want a "way out"
  • Maybe your job security is low, and you're worried about the future
  • Maybe you've recently been laid off from your job and are trying to make ends meet (although I really hope this isn't true)

Or maybe - just maybe - you're one of those folks who NEVER really wanted a day job in the first place, but has one out of necessity to pay the bills.

Perhaps you've always wanted to work for yourself on your own projects where you have complete control.

No boss telling you what to do or how to do it, and no other co-workers to coordinate with. Most of all, no endless meetings where nothing gets accomplished.

My own story is a blend: I do have a day job that I am quite happy with.

My decision to start a web site with SBI! was motivated by my wife's desire to stay home and raise our kids. While I make a fine income from my job and my work - thankfully - is quite secure, my salary alone wasn't enough to support our growing family.

I started the Digital SLR Guide with the sincere hope that we might take vacations using the proceeds from the site (since my salary was consumed with the mortgage and bills).

As it turns out, the revenue from the site now pays all our monthly bills - mortgage included - which means that my ENTIRE salary from work is being saved for future needs.

While this is great for me and my family, I'd like to share more of what SBI! is capable of — and how it can help you.

Where to Begin?

Coming up with the idea for a successful, profitable web site is no simple task, but it's made hundreds of times easier by SBI!

Before I settled on the Digital SLR Guide I had plenty of other relatively poor ideas for web sites that I considered.

The biggest flaw in many of my ideas was one of scope: I wanted to build sites that covered too many topics.

Guideline #1: Keep your site topic focused

When you first sign up with SBI!, the first tool you'll use is called BrainstormIt!

This tool scours the Internet looking for keywords that you enter. The results show you the number of people actually searching for that keyword (and related words) and the number of sites with content related to the keyword.

When you use BrainstormIt! you'll quickly see if the seed of an idea is something that can grow into a full-blown site.

This type of research would take you hours, if not months to do on your own. BrainstormIt! returns results in a matter of minutes, and gets your mental juices flowing.

The best main keyword for your site (the overall site concept) should have three main properties:

  1. You're passionate about the topic
  2. It's in relatively high demand (people actually search for it)
  3. There are relatively few competing sites on the same topic

I can't tell you how excited I was when BrainstormIt! finally enlightened me about the "digital SLR" topic.

  • Passion was no issue - I talked about these cameras constantly with friends, and spent hours reading up on cameras and SLR technology
  • Searches for "digital slr" numbered in the hundreds - they were still mostly for pros when I started the site - but news reports indicated that they would soon be available for average consumers
  • While there were plenty of existing sites that covered ALL types of digital cameras, few focused on the digital SLR models by themselves (and NONE approached it from the perspective of the beginning photographer)

I simply couldn't wait to start writing my first pages of content.

There was only one little problem...

I'm Not A Professional Writer

Sure, I took my fair share of writing classes in college, but it's not what I do for a living.

I do a lot of technical writing for work - proposals and the like - but this is a dry, bland, administrative style of writing that's not terribly engaging to web site visitors.

What to do?

Once again, Site Build It! has a solution — that solution is a free e-book called Make Your Words Sell!

In short, you don't have to be a professional writer to share your knowledge and expertise with others.

You just have to be passionate about a topic, and you have to have a voice.

Many people who send me feedback about the Digital SLR Guide just want to let me know now "natural" the writing is. Many say that "it's like getting advice from a good friend."

That's my voice - I write content for this site as if I were chatting with a friend over coffee. Sure, some of my sentences come out a little garbled. No, my grammar isn't always perfect.

But it doesn't have to be.

Guideline #2: You'll find your voice when you write from the heart

After reading Make Your Words Sell! I realized that I just had to channel my passion and excitement about digital SLR cameras into written words.

Typing up articles on my computer on a topic that I was passionate about was going to be a breeze.

But how in the world would I get these great articles up on the Internet so that people could find them?

Build a Web Site? That Sounds Difficult

I'll admit that I started my own SBI! site with a fair amount of knowledge about the Internet and about building web pages.

I work with computers every single day, so I'm pretty accustomed to their strengths and quirks.

However, the SBI! program makes no assumptions about your level of technical expertise. In fact, it assumes that you know nothing at all about how to build a web site.

When you first get started with SBI! you will spend quite a bit of time working through the Action Guide (in both text and video formats for different styles of learning).

The Action Guide is a step-by-step introduction to building your site.

The guide is broken up into a day-by-day learning experience: the first several days are devoted to BrainstormIt! and the discovery of your site concept..

The second half of the Action Guide leads you through the steps required to build your very first web page.

If you're not Internet savvy (or have no real desire to build web pages on your own) then fear not: the tool for you will be the SiteBuilder.

SiteBuilder does all the heavy lifting to build pages for your new web site. You only have to be able to do one thing: type.

So long as you can type up a page of content - which should be quite simple when you've chosen a topic that you're passionate about - then all you have to do is copy the written content into SiteBuilder.

Press a button and voila! — you're on the road to building a content-rich web site.

Guideline #3: You don't need ANY technical know-how to build a site with SBI!

Don't get me wrong - getting up and running with SiteBuilder is not instantaneous.

Even people with some amount of computer experience will be faced with a LOT of new material to learn.

But the point here is that once you learn the ins and outs of SiteBuilder and get comfortable using the TOOL, adding new pages to your growing site is quite easy and completely non-technical.

So, where are we?

  • You've used BrainStormIt! to discover a site concept that has high search volume AND low competition
  • You've read Make Your Words Sell and are now comfortable writing even though you're not a writer by trade
  • You've used SiteBuilder to begin adding some pages to your site, even with little or no prior web site construction experience
  • You're referring to the Action Guide to help lead you through this complicated first phase of web site development

I'd say that you're well on your way to having a successful content-rich web site!

But I'm quite sure that you have a few more questions and concerns...

The 3 P's

I mentioned at the top of this page that if building an income-generating site were dirt simple then everyone would have one.

Since everyone doesn't have one, it's clearly not a walk in the park.

At the end of my About Me page, I talk about the three qualities that you need to apply to your SBI! site: passion, patience and persistence.

The passion is the interest in your topic - it's what motivates you to keep churning out new pages of content to add to your site.

In addition to the drive, you'll also need a hefty dose of patience. If you're not technically inclined, then learning SBI! and its tools will take you quite a bit of time.

Case in point: I AM tech-savvy and it still took me about two months to get the Digital SLR Guide up and rolling.

Now remember, this is because I only had time to work for a few hours on nights and weekends. If you have more time to work through the Action Guide and experiment with the SBI! tools and features, then you'll be adding new pages to your site much faster.

Finally, let's talk about persistence.

How Long Does it Take To Generate Income?

Here's a non-commital answer: it depends.

  • It depends on how many hours per week you can devote to writing content
  • It depends on how frequently you add new content to your site
  • It depends on how many people are searching for your topic
  • It depends on how many other web sites are competing with yours
  • It depends on how you plan to monetize the traffic to your site

If you work on your site all day long, add two new pages a day and have a topic that's quite popular with relatively little competition, then you'll start to see your site traffic grow within months.

If - like me - you work on your site part-time, add one new page a week and have a topic that's popular but also very competitive, then it might be a year or more before your traffic really takes off.

The formula for any SBI! site is straightforward: write content that brings traffic (visitors) to your site, presell your visitors with your extensive knowledge of your topic and then find ways to generate income (or monetize) your traffic — an approach called CTPM.

HOW you monetize is entirely up to you - and a lot rides on the income-generating potential of your topic.

  • Some web sites generate income by providing leads and referrals to other businesses
  • Some content sites partner with Google AdSense where clicks pay cash
  • Others sell products on behalf of online businesses like and earn referral fees (this is an affiliate relationship)

The method that you choose will determine when your site starts to make money since some monetization options generate income sooner than others.

But remember this - if you keep at it (persistence) your site eventually WILL generate income.

This is the power and the promise of the SBI! system.

How Do I Know SBI! Really Works?

If you've read my About Me page, you know that my SBI! site has provided my family with financial peace of mind.

There is no other tool that I can think of that would have put me in such a great position to achieve the goals that I had planned for the site.

However, at this point you only have my word that it works.

Please don't just rely on my positive experience with SBI! to figure out whether or not it will work for you.

Take some time to read through all of the immensely positive case studies to find out how others - from all backgrounds and all walks of life - are all living out their dreams thanks to SBI!

Of course, if you'd actually like to talk to a human being about all this, then you're welcome to do that too:

  • Contact me and ask me any question you like about SBI! and its features
  • Contact the friendly helpful people at SBI! directly and ask a question

So...What's the Cost of All This?

Quite reasonable - really - for all that you get.

Here's just a quick summary of some of tools and resources you get when you sign up for SBI!:

  • Unlimited Server Space - pay the same fee whether your site has a hundred or a hundred thousand visitors
  • BrainstormIt! - find the best niche content topic to write about
  • SiteBuilder - create page after page for your site with no prior technical knowledge
  • Form Build It! - effortlessly create online contact forms so your visitors can communicate with you
  • MailOut Manager - set up a monthly newsletter that you can mail to thousands of subscribers
  • Blog It! - turn each one of your pages into a weblog post for more search engine visibility
  • Content 2.0 - have visitors to your site write page content for you
  • SBI! Forums - get support from thousands of other bright, helpful SBI! users

If you were to put together a package of separate tools that did all of this you could easily drop $1,000 just to get up and running (plus additional fees for ongoing maintenance costs and support).

I can attest to this since I did some research before I signed up with SBI! to figure out if I could put together a better deal on my own.

I didn't even come close.

The annual cost for an SBI! site is $299 USD.

Now, this may seem like a large chunk of change to drop on a web site all at once - I sure thought it was, which is why I initially hesitated before signing up and did my own comparative research.

Now that my site has been up and running for a couple of years, I truly recognize just how much of a bargain SBI! is.

Case in point: since SBI! provides you with all the tools and support to create an income-generating web site, you should - even with minimal traffic to begin with - be able to use the proceeds from your site to pay for SBI! within the first year.

Of course, if you're able to make more than $299 per year from your site - which is certainly possible - then any amount you make beyond that is pure income.

The important thing to keep in mind is the potential of your site.

Even if it doesn't reel in thousands during its first year, there's no reason to expect that it won't some time in the future (so long as you keep the content fresh).

When you consider the potential of generating a full-time annual salary, then the cost of owning an SBI! site is a mere drop in the pond.

Kick the Tires

Despite all of the information about SBI! that I've provided on this page (and the overall level of giddy happiness) I don't expect you to be convinced that it's the right thing for you.

After all, you've only just met me - so to speak - and everyone's experience using SBI! is unique.

With that in mind, you're welcome to give SBI! a try, risk-free.

If you decide within the first 30 days that building a web site is really not in your blood, you'll get a full refund when you request it.

Even if you take more than 30 days to figure out that SBI! isn't the right fit, will pro-rate your refund for as long as you've used the service.

So by all means, go ahead.

Give SBI! a try today, and hopefully you'll get a sense of just how far your passion, patience and persistence can take you.

Best of Luck,
Chris Roberts
Your Digital SLR Guide

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