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Sony DSLR-A560 Features

sony dslr-a560
Release Date: March 2011
List Price (body only): $650 USD
List Price (with 18-55mm lens): $750 USD

Available at Amazon, Adorama and B&H Photo Video


The Sony DSLR-A560 includes features that will satisfy the beginning and intermediate photographer alike.

It has a responsive 15-point autofocus and can rip through consecutive photos at a rate of 7 per second (good for action photographers).

The 3 inch LCD screen flips out from the camera body for high and low-angle shots (good for portrait photographers).

The camer can capture sweeping panoramic shots and can blend multiple exposures togethere for improved detail in shadows and highlights (good for landscape photographers).

And last - but certainly not least - the Sony A560 features a Full HD 1080i mode for aspiring movie-makers.

NOTE If you're wondering how this camera differs from the Sony A580, the answer's simple: it has less megapixels and also costs less. That's about it.

Feature List

StabilizationIn Body
Memory CardSD / SDHC / SDXC
Max. Shutter Speed1/4000
Max. Photo Capture7 per second
ISO Range100 to 25600
Movie ModesAVCHD
1920 x 1080i (60fps)

Motion JPEG
1440 x 1080p (30, 25fps)
640 x 480 (30 fps)
LCDFlexible 3in (921,600 dots)
Autofocus15 point
Face Detect AFYes
Sensor Dimensions23.4 x 15.6 (1.5x crop factor)
HDMI PortYes
Live ViewYes
Built-in FlashYes
Compatible LensesAll Sony ALPHA
BatteryNP-FW50 LiIon
Dimensions5.5 x 4.2 x 3.9in
137 x 104 x 84mm
Weight21oz (599g)

Speedy Live View Autofocus

The Sony A560 really sets itself apart from the pack with its live view autofocus system.

On many digital SLR camera, autofocus during live view (when you're composing an image using the LCD screen instead of the viewfinder) is painfully slow, especially once you become used to the extreme speed of non-live-view autofocus.

This is because most DSLRs in live view mode resort to an autofocus system that's similar to the ones you'll find in compact digital cameras.

If you find the autofocus of most compacts frustratingly slow, then live view autofocus on a typical DSLR will make you feel the same way.

With the A560, Sony has found a way to get around this issue, keeping the autofocus in live view mode just as speedy as the 15-point autofocus you use when looking through the viewfinder.

The relative benefit of this feature depends a lot on how you intend to shoot with your DSLR: if you think you'll compose images using the LCD a lot, then it's a huge advantage. If you just want to use the viewfinder most of the time, then the Sony autofocus will run at the same speed as other camera models.

Sweep Panorama and HDR

Anyone into landscape photography will appreciate these two features.

If you want to capture a panoramic image with a non-Sony DSLR, you have to take multiple photos, moving the camera slightly each time. Then you have to use a photostitching program on your computer to combine the different images into a single panorama.

It's sometimes tricky to get the images to all blend together, but this is where the software helps out.

With the Sony A560, there's no software involved. Instead, you just set the camera to "Sweep Panorama", press and hold the shutter and pan the camera across the landscape.

The A560 automatically stitches the photos together for you to create images that encompass the entire scene in front of you.

Working with natural light is another aspect of landscape photography that is challenging. Some days the light will be perfect, others not so much.

On days where there is a lot of contrast (i.e. bright sunlight) it's hard for a camera to preserve details in both shadows and highlights - something called limited dynamic range.

The Sony A560 compensates for this with an automatic High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode that blends three different exposures together into a single image with greater detail throughout.

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