Can you put a 35mm slr lens on a DSLR camera?

by deb
(queensland, aust)

I have a 35mm slr and would like to get a DSLR. can I use my 35mm zoom lens on my DSLR?

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Nov 26, 2022
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Dec 20, 2010
Deb in Queensland
by: Roger

Hi Deb, It depends. Primarily it depends on which camera brand SLR you have, and what camera you intend to purchase.
* I understand Nikon is a GO all the way around.
Althugh the aouto aspects will not happen in the slr lens as hey will in the digital lenses.
* You've read on Sony - Minolta. Only the Maxxum lenses and the auto is a complete go.
* I am not completelty familiar with Canon, but I understand some lenses yes, not all lenses.

Dec 20, 2010
Minolta - Sony
by: Roger

Eli, Sony DSLR cameras will only accept the Minolta Maxxum lenses. I have the Maxxum 7000 and have continued to enjoy my lenses. All Maxxum lenses.

Dec 19, 2010
Minolta Manual Lenses (circa 1970) on a Digital SLR?
by: George

I inherited a set of Minolta manual lenses which were originally used with the SRT 101 slr. I would like to replace the film slr with a digital slr. Can I use the lenses on a Sony dslr in "manual mode"? E.g. manual aperture and manual focus? Thanks in advance for your responses.

Oct 19, 2009
slr lens on dslr
by: Anonymous

NIkon yes, Sony with Maxxum lens, yes.

Oct 19, 2009
slr zoom on dslr
by: Anonymous

Depends on your cameras, which are they?

Oct 19, 2009
by: Roger

Some of the generic lens brands make lenses with the Sony lens mount; Tamron has more lenses than the other makers.

Oct 19, 2009
Soony DSLR
by: Anonymous

HAving any Sony DSLR, you can of course use any Sony lens. Sony is what Minolta was as far as lens mounts are still concerned. The Minolta Maxxum lenses only though.

Oct 19, 2009
slr sony camra
by: eli

Hi there could you please tell me what kind of lenses i can put on my Sony slr camera .I mean is it nessesary to be sony or any other make?I do have the 18mm-55mm and i would like t9o use another but I am not sure about the make
Does any one knows that
Thank you

Sep 27, 2009
lens to camera
by: Roger

You've herard from a Nikon person, I understand every lense will fit, you just won't be able to use auto focus on the older cameras. With any lens, there is the crop factor which depending on the camera, 1.5 will change the 50mm lens to a 75mm lens. We lose out at the wide angle range, making a 28mm lens a 42mm lens. Same goes for the kit lens that comes with the camera, it may state 18 - 55, but will actually be ABOUT A 27wide to 82. As you can see, the telephoto gains a boost.
As far as Sony, Sony is able to use all of the Minolta Maxxum lenses only, none prior to Maxxum. Crop factor is 1.5. If you go with a Full frame camera, there is no crop factor. Happy shooting!

Aug 28, 2009
Yes you can
by: Anonymous

I had an old slr canon camera and upgraded to a digital SLR. You may want to consider upgrading to a true digital lens sometime because the new lenses off image stabilization. But it does work to use your old lenses also

Aug 27, 2009
by: deb

thankyou so much. now i won't feel like such an idiot when i go looking for my new camera

Aug 27, 2009
Yes, With Limitations
by: Digital SLR Guide

You can use older 35mm lenses with a digital SLR, with a few exceptions.

First, you need to match the brand of digital SLR camera with the brand of lens. For example, if you've got a collection of Nikon lenses, then you'll need to get a Nikon DSLR to use them.

This is the first step, and it really only means that the lenses can be ATTACHED to your camera.

If your old 35mm lenses are VERY old, then they probably don't have the electronic contacts that the new DSLR cameras require for full lens functionality.

You may find that the older lenses are manual focus only and that you can't change the aperture by using the camera (you have to twist the ring on the lens).

Finally, just be aware that your 35mm lenses won't frame images on a DSLR the way they did on a film SLR camera. This is due to the crop factor that is part of all DSLRs except for the full frame cameras.

The best advice that I have is to take your lenses to a local camera shop and - if they'll let you - try them out on one of their floor models to see how they work.

This should make it immediately apparent if your old lenses will work with a new DSLR or if they need to be upgraded to more modern lenses.

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