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What Other Visitors Have Asked About

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How to take photos in black and white? 
I want to take pictures in black and white and there's not enough information in the manual.

Which lens should I use for concert photography? (Rock Concerts) 
First, I want to thank you for your website...it's outstanding! As a beginner, I've learned so much from your website. I'm purchasing a Sony Alpha A900 …

What is the best Canon digital SLR camera around $500.00 
I was reading your website about the Cannon EOS 50D. This camera sounds great but is more than I want to spend. I am recently getting into taking photos …

Can you put a 35mm slr lens on a DSLR camera? 
I have a 35mm slr and would like to get a DSLR. can I use my 35mm zoom lens on my DSLR?

Perfect Histogram? 
Hi, I saw a tutorial somewhere that said best to adjust you exposure so that the histogram shows as far to the right as possible without clipping. Sometimes …

Canon 500d or Nikon D5000 Lens Options 
I'm torn between buying either the Nikon D5000 or Canon 500D. I'd like to only have one lens and willing to pay extra for something like a 18mm-200mm …

What macro lens is best for food photography? 
I have a Canon EOS 450. I also have a food blog that I started about 1 year ago. My photos are not bad and at the moment I am using a zoom lens (18 - 55 …

Does the Tamron 28-75mm have stabilization built into the lens? 
I have a Canon XT and want a good lens to go with it. I heard the Tamron is great but the XT doesn't have the stabilization in the body itself.

What are the pros and cons of converter lenses? 
I found a package online for a Nikon D90 that says it comes with 4 lenses. The first lens is a standard zoom Nikon lens and the second is a telephoto …

Canon 40D or 50D? 
Hi, I've been reading the SLR guide for about a year now, and this was actually my primary resource for deciding on my first DSLR (a Rebel XS). Well I've …

Live View - Not What I Expected 
I just purchased a Canon EOS XSi; it was a good buy but..I bought it because it said it offered "live view" and I hate looking through view finders -- …

How do I know if I have "anti-shake" on my digital SLR? 
I have a Canon EOS Rebel XSi - does it have anti-shake?

What lenses are compatible with the Nikon D40 
What lenses are compatible with the Nikon D40. Also, what high zoom lens can I buy?

Best Digital SLR - 2009 ? 
I found Best Digital SLR till 2008, can you please provide your helpful analysis & tell all of us about the Best Digital SLR - 2009?

Do you know about the company John Lewis in the UK? 
I know you have your preferred companies, but this site's list price is cheaper. They sell other things besides cameras.

RAW vs. JPG 
I found your article on the above subject interesting. I will be glad if you can clarify certain issues. I own an Olympus DSLR (E-410) with kit lens. …

I can't pick a photograph style! 
I'm still deciding which SLR to buy. I had some trouble deciding if I should buy a Nikon or a Canon, but I think I'm going for the latter. Now that I've …

Camera case for Canon SLR and external flash 
I'm searching for an SLR case that could hold a Canon 40D with a Canon Speedlite flash still intact.

Is it more difficult to upload and print photos from photo websites taken with a DSLR camera than a point-and-click? 
I have been shopping for a DSLR camera, and one issue that somebody raised to me was the difficulty she experienced uploading pictures taken with her DSLR …

Football photos at night under the lights 
I will be in the stands. I have a Canon rebel XT. The lenses I have are Tamron AF 70-300, Tamron AF 28-105, and a Tamron - F AF Tele converter. When …

Nikon D60 Shutter Release Noise 
Hi, I've just gotten a Nikon D60 a month ago. Every time I press the shutter release button, it has a sharp Snap sound, followed by an annoying remnant …

Nikon D90 or Canon Xsi? 
I used to have an SLR camera a long time ago but for the past 10 years or so have just used a point and shoot inexpensive camera. I am now interested …

My outdoor shots seem quite dull. Why is that? 
I've shot the picture that is attached, in P mode on a clear, sunny day at about 7 pm. Somehow, the greens look dull and the sky looks way too bright. …

Olympus E-30 or Nikon D90? 
Hi, I have a dilemma - I want to change my Olympus E-410 to more powerful camera. I would prefer something from Olympus (E-30) because I purchase a Zuiko …

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What is the advantage of using an lens hood? 
The main reason I am asking this question is that the people who are pushing the use of the lens hood state that it prevents light from reaching your sensor, …

Which Canon Digital SLR? 
I am a nature savvy and want to explore it through Photography. I am planning to purchase Canon EOS. I never used expensive and sophisticated camera …

What is the best semi-pro DSLR to purchase? 
I am an amateur photographer - photography has always been a huge passion and many people have said I have a real eye for it and have been told to take …

Minimum configuration for PC 
While uploading and editing the photos my system seems to be very slow. Could you suggest something like a minimum required configuration, just to speed …

How do I enable flash for a single photo with a Nikon D80? 
Using full AUTO on the camera does not show details properly, such as shooting an overflying aircraft. The bottom of the aircraft is definitely lacking …

For a beginner, what is the best lens that provides the greatest flexibility? 
Ideally, I'd like to know which one lens, or combination of 2 lenses is best for the broadest range of photographic options.

Digital SLR For Surf Photography 
I am looking to get into surf landscapes. I'd appreciate any advice on where to start - I've been looking at the Canon 50D.

Best DSLR for Action Photography 
With a budget of $2000 what would be the best dSLR when it comes to freezing action shots? And having asked that question does a higher shutter speed …

Compare Canon Rebel XS vs. Nikon D60 
Which one is superior Canon Rebel XS or Nikon D60 SLR?

What is DOF preview? 
I want to know what a DOF preview is...

Nikon D40 Continuous Shooting 
I just bought the Nikon D40. I have been using my sister-in-law's D60 which are basically the same camera and same settings. My question is: I can not …

Minolta Lens Compatibility 
I have a Minolta Maxxum 5 35mm camera and am considering an upgrade to Digital SLR. I have a number of lenses for the Minolta and am wondering if those …

The Pentax k-m or k2000 (import or retail) has been recommended. 
I am thinking of buying a digital SLR. A friend of mine strongly recommends the Pentax k-m (import) because the camera, he says, is excellent and the …

Nikon D5000 or D90? 
What's the difference between these two cameras and what makes the D90 more expensive?

What's the difference between the Canon T1i 500D and the Nikon D5000? 
I've been considering the Canon Rebel T1i and the Nikon D5000, but am having a hard time figuring out how these two cameras compare. Do you have any preference? …

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