I can't pick a photograph style!

by Adriana Cooper

I'm still deciding which SLR to buy. I had some trouble deciding if I should buy a Nikon or a Canon, but I think I'm going for the latter. Now that I've decided the brand, I don't know what model!

I've been reading about "The Best SLR For You" but...there's no style that appeals to me more than other.

I want to photograph everything!

So my question is: Is there a Canon model that
could take wonderful pictures of all these styles?

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Sep 04, 2009
It's all about the Lens!
by: Grotteaux

Today's DSLRs are excellent and can take a variety of photos. It's really the lens that dictates what type of pictures you are taking.

Sep 02, 2009
why ?
by: Tony

too much emphasis is placed on "picking a style", surely it is much better to do your own thing which will probably be influenced by what you like;if you enjoy motor sport you will probably have a feel for it naturally, same with landscapes, I love water in all it's formats , still ,rough seas, waterfalls and streams, I constantly try to improve my versions of locations that I have probably visited frequently, it is surprising how many different angles you can find on the same location. Go on do it "your way" and good luck.

Jul 30, 2009
Thanks a lot!
by: Adriana

I think I'll go for the 450D. Thanks for answering

Jul 30, 2009
XSi 450D or T1i 500D
by: Digital SLR Guide

You're not alone - I am sure that there are PLENTY of visitors to this site who can't quite make up their minds about what they want to take pictures of.

I've often found that you actually have to have a camera in your hands FIRST and it isn't until you've captured a couple hundred pictures that you begin to see what you photograph the most.

The good news is that yes, just about any digital SLR can take pictures of just about anything.

I try to talk about how the cameras "specialize" to help it easier for someone who's sure about what they want to photograph to find the perfect match.

But for everyone who can't make up their minds - just pick any well-reviewed camera and you won't be disappointed.

Since you're interested in Canon, take a look at either the XSi 450D or the new T1i 500D (guide coming in August 2009).

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