Nikon D90 or Canon Xsi?

by Judy
(South Deerfield, MA)

I used to have an SLR camera a long time ago but for the past 10 years or so have just used a point and shoot inexpensive camera. I am now interested in doing more photography (wildlife, action, still shots) and since money is tight, I want to make a good choice since it will probably be my one and only purchase. Thanks for any assistance.

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Aug 04, 2009
Do you need video?
by: Digital SLR Guide

The real question to answer when comparing the Nikon D90 with the Canon XSi 450D is: do you need video?

The D90's got it and the XSi does not.

The D90 also has a slight speed advantage over the XSi, which can be helpful if you want to use the camera for action photography.

If size and weight is an issue, then this is where the XSi comes out on top: it's much smaller and lighter than the D90.

However, the small size of the camera can make it hard to grip if you have long fingers while the grip on the D90 is one of the most comfortable ones I have ever seen on a digital SLR.

As far as grip comfort goes, the best advice I can provide is to find a local camera shop that's got both models and hold them for yourself - you may find that one is significantly more comfortable than the other and this can play a large role in your decision about which one to buy.

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