The Pentax k-m or k2000 (import or retail) has been recommended.

by vicki
(Webster Groves, MO)

I am thinking of buying a digital SLR. A friend of mine strongly recommends the Pentax k-m (import) because the camera, he says, is excellent and the price cannot be beaten.

What is your opinion of this camera? I can afford more money, but don't want to buy more than I need. However, I do want the opportunity to expand. For example, I like your description of continuous focus. In the future I might want to photograph more action. Is this the camera for me? I'm upgrading from point and shoot.

By the way, your 4 point guide is fabulous. Many thanks.

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Jul 21, 2009
Pentax Digital SLRs
by: Digital SLR Guide

Pentax digital SLRs do have a lot going for them, namely their price - you get a lot of camera for what you pay for.

However, the Pentax K2000 really is an entry-level camera, designed for the most basic photography styles.

For example, it will work quite well for portraits and landscapes and other "snapshot" types of photographs, but it's not the most ideal camera for action photography.

I see the Pentax K2000 as a "starter" camera, something that you would expect to replace in a couple years if you really got serious about taking pictures.

If you want something more advanced that you can grow into, then either consider the Pentax K20D or a camera from a different manufacturer.

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